Friday, March 11, 2011

Saving Humanity

“It has become appalling obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  Was Einstein’s statement the way he viewed his present or an observation of what was to come?  How fortuitous are those words when compared to the current events around the world.  But Einstein was known for his theories on what he believed to be the nature of things in the universe surrounding us.  I view this statement to be his theory that people can become so dependent convenience that they loose their connection to one another and what it means to be human.

The invention of the car was one of man's great achievements.  People were able to get places sooner rather than later. Important items like mail, food even human lives were able to be transported across great distances for convenience or necessity. Let's not forget the airplane, the train, and boats.  Now for the most part, we use our inventions to enhance our way of life.  The truth is without some of those inventions we would not able to thrive as we have so far as humans.  

Now as we continue to grow so do our needs and here is where the line between needs & wants gets blurred.  You see somewhere along way, we humans have met and even surpassed most of our basic needs.  And what are some of our basic needs?  Food, mental/emotional stimulation, to procreate, health and financial.  But we did not stop there. As I stated before, we began to redefine what our needs were and soon what you wanted became what you needed.  The quote 'patience is a .virtue' became a thing of the past so what you want is now what you need. Waiting for things became too frustrating for most and soon convenience was no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

The bottomline is that people need to spend more time connecting with one another via voice, face to face, and touch.  I am not suggesting that we are ruined and there is no hope for us as humans.  On the contrary, but if we are to maintain our humanity, then educating our children, protecting the environment and maintaining world health should be the goal of us all.  The world around us is changing drastically with climatic, economic and global shifts and I am sure it is overwhelming to us all. But there is a simple formula to saving humanity, to make big change in the world, make a small but positive change in the world of someone meet. Take time to say hello on the phone instead of sending a text.  Spend more time meeting in person instead of letting technology getting in between and the one's you care for and love.  We may be a technology-driven age, but we don't have to let technology drive us apart from our humanity.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let me count days until end.....I THINK NOT!!!

Once upon a time in history people held to the belief that faith and prayer could make all the difference when faced with difficulty. Children would run to their mothers and fathers for guidance on what to do when confronted with the unknown. But that was then. Now people turn to Oprah, Wendy Williams, YouTube, reality TV, and other media to face their demons. We live in an age where technology makes everything convenient and quick. We no longer have to wait for our needs to be met; if you need advice turn on the TV. If you need to talk to someone create a video and tell the world. If you need to feel loved just add as many people to your Facebook account as you can and there is all the love you need.

However, disease, disaster & dilemmas have not taken a vacation. We are constantly faces with problems in our lives that technology and talk show cannot fix. We humans are facing the worst global, financial and health crisis in history and yet the cry for prayer is minimal. Hope appears to be replaced with inevitable expectations. So has God stop caring or have we? Whatever God is to you, I am sure the answer is no.

That being said, HIV is no longer the horrible plague portrayed in the 80's but it has since become a pandemic that can no longer be ignored. For that fact, neither can any other disease. Why can't we cure it or any other diseases? There are no easy answers to that question, but one of the biggest components of the growth in disease and chaos is fear.  Fear is the basis for so much of what is wrong in the world and once you let go of the fear then everything has a solution.

I discovered this answer for myself before I was even diagnosed with HIV.  When I was told that I had what the media was describing as a 'lethal disease', I had knowledge as my weapon and shield. And to this day that have provided me with strength to endure.  I didn't look at the diagnosis as the end, but rather a beginning to a new way of living.  I saw through the stigma and the rhetoric and continued living my life like any other person would.  Granted I had to consume medication to boost my immune system but I did not worry.

However, my story is not unlike many people who came to the realization that life does not end because of disease.  I am sure many have heard of the famous Lance Armstrong who survived a battle with cancer.  But what makes people like Lance, myself and others able to navigate through the tribulations that life has to offer.  What is it that motivated us to continue our lives as normal and not let disease bring us down? That is simple, faith.

You see earlier I started this blog with what appeared to be a story about faith in God.  But not everyone believes in the same thing so I could not say that it is God that saved us.  Although, for me that is the case.  What really saved us is the faith that we are meant for something more. What that "something more" is I can't really say as it is different for every individual, but what I can say is that faith in whatever you believe in is what will cause you to live. 

You see there is nothing in the world that we can't face as humans.  We have proven that over and over again throughout history.  Whether it be natural disaster, war, crime or even death, the human spirit is can survive nearly anything life has to offer. So to the reader I submit that life is not something to be taken lightly.  Nothing is final.  We have all heard that life is what you make, and when faced with anything in life you have to decide whether to move forward or to give in.

I am a young male who is faced with HIV, HEP C, Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Kidney disease, and bipolar depression, and there is the possibility that I could have a cancer.  So what should I do about this?  I will tell you.  LIVE!  I have no choice in the matter.  I have much to offer the world and why should let the aforementioned conditions stand in my way.  For that matter, why should any of us let anything stand in our way.  We should be the ones to decide when we are going to leave this earth and not our diagnosis. 

So for those who read this blog who may have a diagnosis of HIV or whatever you have, I say to you LIVE!  Why let what the media and others tell you what you should do next? Why would you turn to reality TV, Oprah, Wendy, text or emails to help you decide what to do with your life?  After all it is YOUR life, not Oprah's, Wendy's and certainly the life of the current technology.  So don't give anything or anyone YOUR life.  And if you have, take it back!!!

I have been living with HIV for 14years, kidney disease (in both kidneys) for 5years, Hepatitis C for 8years, Bipolar depression for 12years, and heart disease for 2years.  I realize there are things I left out like meds I took, procedures I went through, and other steps I took to make it this far.  But that is because none of that is important.  The whole point I have been trying to make is that faith is the only thing that has truly gotten me through. For me, my faith is rooted in God. For you, your faith could be in Allah, Buddha, or whatever. However, what is the most important is that you have the faith in your right to live.  As long as you have that and adhere to the tools that will assist you in your faith to live then nothing can stop you but you.  And if that is not enough, then know this; I have faith in you!