Friday, March 11, 2011

Saving Humanity

“It has become appalling obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”  Was Einstein’s statement the way he viewed his present or an observation of what was to come?  How fortuitous are those words when compared to the current events around the world.  But Einstein was known for his theories on what he believed to be the nature of things in the universe surrounding us.  I view this statement to be his theory that people can become so dependent convenience that they loose their connection to one another and what it means to be human.

The invention of the car was one of man's great achievements.  People were able to get places sooner rather than later. Important items like mail, food even human lives were able to be transported across great distances for convenience or necessity. Let's not forget the airplane, the train, and boats.  Now for the most part, we use our inventions to enhance our way of life.  The truth is without some of those inventions we would not able to thrive as we have so far as humans.  

Now as we continue to grow so do our needs and here is where the line between needs & wants gets blurred.  You see somewhere along way, we humans have met and even surpassed most of our basic needs.  And what are some of our basic needs?  Food, mental/emotional stimulation, to procreate, health and financial.  But we did not stop there. As I stated before, we began to redefine what our needs were and soon what you wanted became what you needed.  The quote 'patience is a .virtue' became a thing of the past so what you want is now what you need. Waiting for things became too frustrating for most and soon convenience was no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

The bottomline is that people need to spend more time connecting with one another via voice, face to face, and touch.  I am not suggesting that we are ruined and there is no hope for us as humans.  On the contrary, but if we are to maintain our humanity, then educating our children, protecting the environment and maintaining world health should be the goal of us all.  The world around us is changing drastically with climatic, economic and global shifts and I am sure it is overwhelming to us all. But there is a simple formula to saving humanity, to make big change in the world, make a small but positive change in the world of someone meet. Take time to say hello on the phone instead of sending a text.  Spend more time meeting in person instead of letting technology getting in between and the one's you care for and love.  We may be a technology-driven age, but we don't have to let technology drive us apart from our humanity.